By Stuart Barton (VA)
Excellant. Sexy item, I love it. Item as described and arrived early, great customer service. I would definitely buy more from Black Temptation, thanks!

By Mary Kay Reetz (MI)
Smooth transaction and a good looking stocking. Much to my surprise it is absolutely perfect for me.

By Sheryl LeBlanc (OH)
Great value for money. These stockings are soft and comfortable. They wash very well with no pilling. Good seller.

By Barb Loquercio (IL)
I now have 3 pairs of these stockings and they are very comfortable. The are not too light or heavy and best of all they really stay put. Great buy, great price. Hurrah!

By Kari A Roberts (PA)
The stockings are very soft, smooth and good quality. They wash well with no shrinking or piling.

By Natasha Stewart (IL)
I have been searching for thigh highs that fit my size, that wouldn't be too thick or too thin, and these are just right. I bought 6 pairs, and will definitely keep these in mind for more in the future.

By Barb Osher (OH)
These bodysuits are just what I had been looking for. Smooth texture, well modified my skin. Super sexy, well bring out my body, outline the slender leg lines and good hip. So confident and feminity.

By Scott King (MI)
These thigh highs are soooooooooo soft and comfortable, great for boots, not to thick, they are just right.......buying more!

By Barb Eckhard (MO)
I bought a pair in black and they really are super soft and fits comfortably! I definitely recommend these if you need thigh highs. Easy to match, looks good under skirts.

By Linda Childers (CO)
Great value for money. These are the best bodysuits I've ever owned. I bought black and the color stays wash after wash, and the material stays true to form. It's comfortable and not bulky. Great products.

By Jeanne Theobald (MN)
Never thought it's gonna look awesome. What a surprise and such a beautiful body stocking. It is crotchless right for right purpose. Wink! Comfortable and non allergenic material. I highly recommend it.

By Suzanne Burnham (MI)
Good, good good products. I like the bodysuits' special design. Smooth, soft, comfortable material. Looks very good when putting on. Must have items for women.

By Kathy Rees (IA)
Perfect fit and looked great, no sagging at all around the leg area. Bought the black and intend to order another product or get this one in red/black.

By Denise Hall (KY)
This is something you definitely you want your goddess to wear! Wow when you see her walk out into the bedroom with this on, it's so attractive! I have bought a lot of baby dolls but this was the hottest and of best quality. I HIGHLY recommend this body stocking, it will make your dreams come true!! My woman looked awesome in it!!

By Aimee Morgan (CA)
I bought this for my wife (More for myself in reality), and it does make her look HOT! It fits her great and highlights all her amazing curves and features. She finds it very comfortable and brings out the wild side of her conservative nature. A real good value for the price and lots of fun!

By Karen Riddle (CA)
I'm so glad I chose this stocking! It fits so well, like it's meant for me. You can put it and take of easily. It's really great, and what's most important , I feel sexy.

By Gina Giordano (MO)
I love it and it is a special present. Fast shipping arrived on time. Very easy to put on and you can wear it under clothes comfortably. Great present.

By Irene Torunoglu (NJ)
This was my wife's first body stocking, it looks great on her! The lace around the neckline and the bow-pattern design is one of her favorites to wear at least once per week. Very curvy.

By Kai Tang (TX)
This one is perfect for the bedroom, under her daily clothes, or a business suit in cooler weather for that "all day sexy feeling". If she wears it under her daily clothes, she can go all day, feeling sexy/naughty without anyone knowing what she has on under her business clothes. I would buy more for my lady.

By Sira Naras (MA)
They are very durable, even after "many uses". Hand-wash and lie flat to dry and they will keep their elasticity and shape for many years (proven)! These are an incredible investment dollar-per-use over other bedroom outfits, and they have much more use than just for "play"!

By Cathleen Casteel (MO)
My special bodysuit is a purchase I'm proud to wear. Covering the entire body in one only piece and holding itself very safe on my shoulders, it makes me feel attractive in it. I love to wear it both for occasions and casually.

By Mary c Christensen (UT)
Super hot, this is sooooo sexy, looks great, it stretches and fix good just so ladyish, u can not miss it.

By Thomas Johnson (CA)
Hubby loved it...I put it on after we took a bath together and he was so excited!! Fits fine.

By Chelsie Thomas (AZ)
Very nice lingerie. My wife loved it very much. Can't wait to see her in it again. Fit her very well and will get more of them if she wishes!

By Jennifer Martin (PA)
I liked the look and feel of this garment. The fit is nice and the material very soft. It's also very delicate. I would buy it again in other colors.

By Carmen Rose (IL)
Great product!! Best price!!! Excellent customer service!!

By Laura McCarthy (CO)
I just got this today and I have to say it came right on the due date you couldn't tell what it was and when you put it on it stretches and it sexy cute! It's not tight and I really like it so for this price go for it. Last it's not thin so it shouldn't rip unless you like crazy, but hey no problem with that.

By Cindy Walsh (DC)
This set was really good fun as it was kinda as a new thing, definitely my wife is looking stunning with it!.

By Joyce Courtney (MO)
My wife excites me when we go out and she wears this with a short skirt and a loose blouse over it. I love this product.

By Shabana dorwish (TX)
Ordered this for my lady and wow, wow, wow. She sent me some pics and trust me, this was a great buy! Men you will not be disappointed!

By Erika Kane (TX)
My Sweetie Pie loved it. I met him at the door and he almost tripped on the steps. The material is quiet good for the price and it does fit most. Love it.

By Therese Bogenhagen (WI)
This is a very colorful item. Wear it for occasions or casually when you want something elegant to put on. Looks good when we wear it under a pair of pants, jump suit, of shorts.

By Cheryl Host (IL)
Looks just like the pic, looks super sexy, all these other girls were jealous of my crazy tights. Can't wait to go try them out tonight at the rave.

By Alyssa Green (CA)
Got these for my wife and she loves them. It can well bring out her curvy body. Did I mention they're very sexy?

By Amanda Crowley (MI)
These are really pretty, feel great, and the lace top is sticky enough to keep them in place quite nicely.

By James Lawler (FL)
These are definitely a sexy little item, that arrived just in time to wow my significant other..and he was pleased by the visual..however wish they came in different colors... these are a must have!

By Ronald Pender (NJ)
Looks great on my wife. Fits her very well. Good price, good quality and arrived early than expected ship date. Great customer service.

By Sarada (VA)
They were reasonably priced, arrived on time, they work for what I needed. Love them!

By Julie Martinez (NM)
These are so silky smooth! I love the back seam, it's so sexy.

By Lindsey Helbringer (VA)
They were the perfect size and are more durable than normal stockings because of the the design and they look really nice. I want more.

By Colleen Caliendo (WI)
I am always worried about buying "one size fits all" clothing, but these stockings are great. The stockings have no problem staying up and are not too tight. Good elasticity.

By Jane Peek (VA)
These are the kind of pants you will wear everywhere. Flattering. Easy for travel or running around. Amazing and flattering for any body type. Especially real women. Absolutely love them. Good leggings. Would definitely buy more.

By Arianne Nichol (CA)
Great quality product with a GREAT price tag! Medium fit perfect! Thanks again!

By Mario Vesnaver (CA)
These leggings are super-comfy. They work well as tights, workout pants or just on their own with a tunic. I bought them in black, but will probably order more colors. This seller had the best price and lowest shipping cost -- I shopped around. I received them quickly. Smooth transaction.

By Alfredo Jacome (FL)
These leggings are the perfect. They are comfortable and fitted, but thick enough that underwear and skin do not show through even when bending.

By Madhavi Gunturu (CA)
Very satisfied with these leggings. True to size and opaque. Haven't worn them a lot but they seem to be of good quality.

By Evelina Kokkinos (NY)
Great leggings. Thicker material gives a nice look. Fit well under high boots. I would highly recommend this product, they are a great value.


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